Ezell Brown is a businessman

Posted by - Admin / January 19th, 2013

Ezell Brown is a businessman who works in the field of education. Most people think of education as mainly being a non-profit field, but the truth is that there is a great deal for innovation and customer services, which really only occur in high quality where businesses are doing the work. Ezell Brown is a big believer in educational reform and improvement. He believes that the state of education in the United States can, and will, be improved. Additionally, Ezell Brown is an investor and philanthropist of note.

Ezell Brown is the Chairman of Education Online Services Corporation. This is a business that partners with tertiary educational institutions to offer online services for degree granting programs. Many colleges and universities in today’s environment of education budget cuts are in need of help—Ezell Brown and the Education Online Services Corporation can offer it.

Education Online Services Corporation has partnered with such institutions as Barber-Scotia College, Virginia University of Lynchburg, Tougaloo College, Langston University, Jackson State University, and Morris Brown College. In each case, Education Online Services Corporation has partnered with these institutions in order to help them to improve their financial stability and enrollment by reaching out to non-traditional students.

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